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It is my belief, that if everyone in the world took three minutes to truly stop, look, listen and actually feel the carousel figures, they will always find something they love. Most art is subjective depending on a single persons taste and appreciation. But a carousel offers a little something for everyone.

- Ken Means; Master Carver

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Jan 12, 2015
Carving Class
 Classes are at the Carousel workshop at 117 Central, in downtown Coquille. The 3 day class costs $30 which includes the precut blanks and use of our tools.


Jan 22 2015 |
Carousel Meeting
General meeting at the Carousel Workshop. See you there! View our calendar here!


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A community carousel.

The Coquille Carousel Association was organized on March 28, 2013, for the purpose of building, operating and maintaining an artisan hand-crafted, wood-carved carousel in the City of Coquille. Our goal is: to promote Coquille as a destination for visitors to Oregon’s South Coast; to provide a classic attraction and entertainment experience for families and children in Coquille; to educate the public and children on the historical significance of forestry and the timber industry to the City of Coquille; and to preserve the knowledge and skills of woodcarving locally which will aid in the care and maintenance of the carousel.
The Association is a public non-profit organization that relies on the support of its members and volunteers to carry out its mission. You can get involved too!. Read More »


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